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Treasure Town is my coin and collectible YouTube channel, around since 2017.

I have enjoyed collecting coins and the general coin community, and wanted to give back and help grow that community for the future. I started the channel to share a lot of the fun that I was having as a coin collector and have done my best to promote the hobby by showing my coin roll hunts, coin collecting tips and tricks, world coin searches, coin histories, error & variety discussions and explanations, and anything else I can think of!

We also have been offering grab bags to meet a growing sector of demand after realizing just how bad a lot of the beginner and intermediate items available were. We have good dealer connections that let us offer customers and viewers the best value while supporting the channel – all profits directly are recycled into costs of running Treasure Town, from buying video equipment to hiring employees to unsearched rolls/outside grab bags to hosting costs.

We are also seeking to branch out and get involved beyond just being a social media informational / entertainment resource, so look out for some of our other projects to come in the next weeks, months, and years.