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Info on collaboration opportunities.

Make sure to contact me on the contact part of the site! I’d love to work with other creators who are either somewhat established (500+ subs) or particularly distinguished in terms of quality of content.

Whether it’s you making videos that are released on my channel (and introducing yourself as ‘Name from Treasure Town’), us doing a competition coin roll hunt, or having an interview where we talk about your specific area of expertise, there are lots of opportunities!

By Treasure Town

Owner of Treasure Town, a coin and treasure related YouTube channel with over 5000 subscribers and 500000 views. Treasure Town is also on Instagram (@treasuretownyt) and Reddit (r/TreasureTownYT) as well as

21 replies on “(OLD) Interested in Working Together?”

Hi, today I acquired 2 coins of interest I need some help with. 1 is a red indian head penny in nearly new condition for its age, does show some signs of circulation. The date is 1887 however the 7 is stamped over an 8. I found examples of 8 over 7 but how does 7 over 8 happen? Can’t find an example online anywhere. Have you any ideas? Would love to send photos just reply to my e mail. I also have a 1914-D penny in nearly perfect condition.. found info on that how would I go about getting these coins certified? Thank you for any help you can offer.


Hey Todd,

I tried responding but it seems the comment was lost somehow, so this may be a double post, in which case I apologize. I’m going to be more brief in this comment. Basically, the 1887/8 is very improbable, and the only way it might have happened would likely be that a trial 1888 piece was made into a 7 on the last digit. Regardless, if you think the coins are both real, I’d send them to PCGS, as the authenticity / preservation for coins of your caliber (from what you’ve described) would make it worth it. Link to do so is below!



Help!please I’m new at the is please can I send you pictures of my collection to s See if I have any worth selling and get them graded help!!!!


treasuretown i have a 1942 nickel that does not have a mint mark on the back or front. Can you contact me at 4145527981. my name is Greg


Hi Greg,
If it doesn’t have a mintmark, it’s worth around 25-50 cents. The valuable S nickel is with the mintmark located on the side of Monticello. Sorry to be a downer! Hope you find something big in pocket change soon!
Christian (Treasure Town)


Hi Christian,

I am a growing channel (400) and have what I consider good quality videos. You have reacted positively to two collaborations I created so here is a third one I invite you to.

My 1st one was “Most Wheaties Wins” with RFT, Pam’s Coins, StackAttack, and Rays World. My second one was “Pay it Forward”. I sent a gift from RFT and chose to pay it forward to MCH. Who just sent it to Pam’s Coins. So I don’t have the subs others do, but I have some creativity.

I invite you to #GreatestHitsChallenge.
Create a video with your best CRH find

1) Best Silver
2) Best Copper
3) Best Other

Please reference Silver Heist and tag it #GreatestHitsChallenge.

Let me know what you think. I look forward to seeing your greatest finds.

Silver Heist.


Hi Treasure Town, I am in Namibia, Africa. I would like to start a coin business and I want to sell the coins abroad. Do you have any advice for me please?



Hi Martha,
I would first get familiar with all of the postage requirements and online ways to sell (is eBay big in Africa?). From there, sell through those websites! You can also see if there are local coin communities to sell in.


I have a 2007 P satin finished obverse Jefferson nickel but get this the reverse is clearly stamped with the S mint mark on the right side top of Monticello monument. Full with a proof finish. I’ve tried two other YouTube people I follow and have gotten zero response. I was set to meet the Pa rep of Coneca at the Allentown show but he pulled his back out. The first video of yours i seen was about the most valuable mint sets and I’m a big fan of the short, highly informative videos you create so I figured I’ll give him a shot. I’ve never sent a coin out to be graded so I’m hesitant as I obviously don’t want to screw anything. Please help! Also, I have no problem Sharing the existence of the coin on your cause it is really cool.


Hi i found a 1970 quarter wasnt sure it was worth anything so i looked it up and saw some videos on what to look for and it seems that my 1970 quarter has the 1941 on the bottom dollar i just just wondering if you can point me in the right direction to sell


Hey Christian

I have a couple of silver dollars I wanted to get your opinion on. What email or site can I upload pics too.


Please send me the correct email address by which l may send you pics of my very good condition 1982 small date Copper Lincoln Cent. I like to get your opinion of it. Also l am interested in working with you in some way involving my art as it may tie in. l do believe you’d be interested to view. I’ve had no luck try sending to your email address as it keeps being returned with message – no such address!


Ooops! I meant l’ve had no luck sending to your address of as it keeps being returned stating- no such address. Thank you.


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