Get Ready For 2018 Near Daily Summer Uploads

Get ready for the summer at Treasure Town!

Get ready for new Treasure Town videos almost every day this summer (hopefully) at 12 PM – that’s over 70 videos in 91 days! Lots of variety will be mixed in with some of the old favorites – coin roll hunting, bank strap hunting, coin error spotlights, world coin hunts, metal detecting, bottle digging, top coin lists, and more!

By Treasure Town

Owner of Treasure Town, a coin and treasure related YouTube channel with over 70,000 subscribers and 500000 views. Treasure Town is also on Instagram (@treasuretownyt), Twitter (@TreasureTown_YT), and Facebook (@TreasureTown) as well as

10 replies on “Get Ready For 2018 Near Daily Summer Uploads”

I have 1 coin ( United States Of America 420grains .900 Fine Trade Dollar years 1877 ) , can value it? I want to sell it also..


I have a 1776-1976 bicentennial dollar. The mint Mark is a solid dot. I don’t know if it was suppose to be a d but its clear as day a solid dot. On the outer edge is a flaw in the making , which is a hump on the outer edge. Also the letters on the back are a type one. It’s in great shape. Can you tell me the worth of it?


1964 nickel D front and back hollow engraved 3-D LESS WEIGHT RIGHT??
Need to pay tuition…
Naval Academy.
I lie about needing to pay tuition depped out of Texas.


Hi, I have a 1980D Lincoln cent, circulated, with missing FG intials on the reverse, Have you seen this? Is this a pretty common error? I can’t seem to find anything on this particular error. Your input would be greatly appreciated
Thank you
Jerry M


Hi Jerry – Thanks for reaching out. I’m not familiar with missing FG on Lincoln Cents – I’ve never studied up on that particular type of error as it is not super well recognized.


1969 D wheat penny fish hook with the nine ( make the sign with your hand sea). (Make the opposite sign (6) sign language aircrew stilo). Eagle style.


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