Near Daily Summer Uploads

Get ready for new Treasure Town videos almost every day this summer (hopefully) at 12 PM – that’s over 70 videos in 91 days! Lots of variety will be mixed in with some of the old favorites – coin roll hunting, bank strap hunting, coin error spotlights, world coin hunts, metal detecting, bottle digging, top coin lists, and more!

6 thoughts on “Near Daily Summer Uploads

  1. I have 1 coin ( United States Of America 420grains .900 Fine Trade Dollar years 1877 ) , can value it? I want to sell it also..


  2. I have a 1776-1976 bicentennial dollar. The mint Mark is a solid dot. I don’t know if it was suppose to be a d but its clear as day a solid dot. On the outer edge is a flaw in the making , which is a hump on the outer edge. Also the letters on the back are a type one. It’s in great shape. Can you tell me the worth of it?


  3. Hi, I have a 1980D Lincoln cent, circulated, with missing FG intials on the reverse, Have you seen this? Is this a pretty common error? I can’t seem to find anything on this particular error. Your input would be greatly appreciated
    Thank you
    Jerry M


    1. Hi Jerry – Thanks for reaching out. I’m not familiar with missing FG on Lincoln Cents – I’ve never studied up on that particular type of error as it is not super well recognized.


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