Our Team

Meet the team behind Treasure Town.

Christian Hartch Profile
Christian Hartch founded the channel in 2017.

Christian Hartch – Owner & President

Christian Hartch is the Owner and President of Treasure Town. Mr. Hartch formed the Treasure Town YouTube channel in August 2017 in order to provide entertainment and education on numismatics, collectibles, and history. Mr. Hartch is the sole content creator for the channel.

After initial success, Mr. Hartch currently is seeking to expand Treasure Town to be a force for change within the coin- and collectible-related space and encourage numismatic literacy among American youth. His channel has amassed over 50,000 subscribers and 5,000,000 views. Mr. Hartch is currently enrolled at Princeton University and is seeking an AB in Economics.

Christopher Paucar joined Treasure Town in 2019.

Christopher Paucar – Video Editor & World Coins Specialist

Christopher Paucar serves as a Video Editor as well as a World Coins Specialist for Tresaure Town. Mr. Paucar has proven instrumental in working on the world coin searching series from technical and research standpoints. He is also an editor with Christian’s Coin Corner. Outside of Treasure Town, Mr. Paucar is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science and Engineering at Princeton University.