Coin Melt Price

A tool to know the current precious metals prices, and the values of U.S. and world coins containing those metals.

What We’re About

I wanted to create a site – – where people can get updates on the current precious metals prices, as well as know (and calculate) the values of coins that contain those metals.

The core functionalities is to focus on 35%, 40%, and 90% U.S. silver, but we also will have pages containing world coins – a variety of countries – as well as silver and gold jewelry and bullion.

Longer term, there will also be a good amount of educational stacking content featured across the channel.

Check It Out!
Please leave feedback as to its functionality! Currently being developed as of 5/29/21


In addition to the site, we currently have a Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook set up, where you can get connected and stay up to date on what’s going on with the website.

A Thank You:

This website is being created by Jonas Denenberg, a member of the Treasure Town team who also created Coinshow, a website for collectors that includes an AI grading tool.