We Are Looking To Add Creators for Treasure Town and The Coin Dictionary

Work from anywhere – and do as much work as you want to.

I am looking to add people to my project, “The Coin Dictionary”, which aims to release a video on every coin that has ever been produced. The videos are very short and are produced very rapidly – I am able to go start-to-finish on a video in about 10-15 minutes, including research, filming, editing, and posting. The pay structure is on a per-video basis, or we could do some sort of incentive structure where you capture some percentage of the ad revenues generated. Access to world coins and a decent collecting knowledge is required.

For Treasure Town, I would like to add people with specific knowledge who can help produce videos on certain topics, but this is less clearly defined (I would be excited to talk to people about any ideas they have or ways we might be able to partner).

Within the next 18-24 months, there is good potential for me to try to hire someone full time, in the United States, to help grow the channel and achieve huge results. The channel is not close to being able to support someone full time, but if growth takes off, it is a possibility. If you would be interested in a full time position, please also reach out – however, this is pending on the continued growth of the channel.

  • iMovie & Mac Computer
  • iPhone 7 or Better
  • Internet Connection
  • Good Lighting for Coin Videos