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Channel Consultation With Christian Hartch

Book a one hour consultation with Christian Hartch for your coin or treasure related YouTube channel here. He will thoroughly review your channel, analyze your analytics, and create a plan that will very likely accelerate your growth and allow you to provide a better product to your viewers and beyond. The consultation will likely save those who take it hours down the road, as I’ll explain all of the techniques and insider tricks I used to grow to 50,000 subscribers in the coins space and beyond. The consultation will take place over FaceTime or Google.


For coin items, please reach Treasure Town via the contact page in order to purchase the item.
US Coins:
1000 Wheat Pennies w/10 Indian Head Cents (15-20% Pre-1940) – $65
50 Mercury Dimes – $80
50 Pre-1936 Dimes (10% Barber, 90% Mercury) – $90

World Coins:
5 Pounds of World Coins (10 Silver Coins Included) – $70
100 AU/UNC Sierra Leone 1964 1 Cent Coins – $30

Past Giveaways:

100 Subscribers – 1879-S Morgan Dollar – Silver And Gains
1000 Subscribers – 1918 Half Dollar & 1916-D Barber Quarter – Andrew Horvath
10000 Subscribers – 1877-S Trade Dollar – Jake Smith
10000 Subscribers – Cumberland Island Opening Day $10 Roll – Garrett’s Coins
March Giveaway – 1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar – Edwina Cornish
May Giveaway – 1925 Standing Liberty Quarter – Coinz900
May Giveaway – 1903 Barber Dime – Creekside Cubing
June Giveaway – 1934-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar – Jamie Coin Hunter
June Giveaway – 1921 Switzerland 1/2 Franc – Tex Scott