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Disclaimers on Items Offered & Shipping: All are not returnable due to the grab-bag nature of the material being offered. Photos used are generic. Value is not guaranteed – it is a matter of trusting the seller’s judgment. Buyers assume responsibility for packages that are marked as Delivered by USPS or FedEx (all items ship with tracking).

$500 Treasure Town Mystery Coin Grab Bag

$500 in RETAIL VALUE of U.S., World, Ancient, Medieval, Error, Variety, Silver, Copper, or Other Coins, Banknotes, and Exonumia!! This is totally an anything goes bag… and I try to be fair with values, but the coins are not valued such that you’d be able to sell back to a coin shop for more than what you pay – though I don’t think I’ve ever had a customer who voiced significant disappointment with what they got either! These days, it’s likely that all of the above will appear.. it’s not confined to just US coins, for example. The main difference is that this bag will include at least one coin valued at $60 or higher, and I will cover all shipping/payment processing charges.


Due to high order volume and increasing time constraints on Christian’s end, orders are not customizable. There may be duplicates with multiple orders, and should be a fun way for collectors to get a bunch of cool coins wrapped up in a mystery bag format while supporting the channel.

Bags will ship within at least three weeks of purchase, but often within the week of purchase. I reserve the right to postpone or cancel any orders if I feel I cannot fulfill them in a timely manner, which is unlikely, but I do retain that right.

On larger orders, I cover all of the fees, which are 3.49% + $0.30 for PayPal, and about $10 for shipping.