Grab Bag Shop

Disclaimers on Items Offered & Shipping: All are not returnable due to the grab-bag nature of the material being offered. Photos used are generic. Value is not guaranteed – it is a matter of trusting the seller’s judgment. Buyers assume responsibility for packages that are marked as Delivered by USPS or FedEx (all items ship with tracking).

NOTE: None of these bags are fulfilled by Christian, the owner of Treasure Town – they are all fulfilled by other sellers (but Christian takes a portion of revenues). Treasure Town YT, LLC is not responsible for any damages or value discrepancies – it is between the buyer and the selling entity.

$500 GRAB BAG – OUT OF STOCK (This page will update in late March. Grab bag sales are winding down, as Christian is back at college and away from the deposit box where he is storing inventory. If you would like to purchase a grab bag, please reach out to, and he will put you on a wait list)

There are no guarantees with this grab bag – it is not made by Christian from Treasure Town, but instead by Spencer from WestCoastVarieties, and Spencer kicks back Christian a portion of the profits he is able to generate from the bag. Spencer targets $500 in value of coin and numismatic items. Prices are based off of retail values, often from the comparable eBay sales. Spencer has discretion in terms of how he values the coins.

Please note – this is the only way to order from Spencer… he is not currently accepting other increments or facilitating purchases of grab bags directly himself.

Due to high order volume and increasing time constraints on his end, orders are not customizable. There may be duplicates with multiple orders, and should be a fun way for collectors to get a bunch of cool coins wrapped up in a mystery bag format while supporting the channel.

Bags will ship within at least three weeks of purchase, but often within the week of purchase. I (Christian) strongly recommend his grab bags. Spencer has the right to postpone or cancel any orders if he feels he cannot fulfill them in a timely manner, which is unlikely, but he reserves that right.

The extra $15 goes towards fees, which are at least $30 ($13-20 for shipping, $17.50 to PayPal).