The Coin Dictionary

A project devoted to releasing large quantities of informational videos about coins and currency from all over the world.

What We’re Doing

The Coin Dictionary originally started as a test project by Christian dubbed “Christian’s Coin Corner”, but he quickly realized that it was the perfect project to get other creators and collectors involved with, and that is exactly what happened. It has grown to over 10,000 subscribers and hundreds of thousands of views by releasing large quantities of videos that ideally show up in search when someone tries to learn more about their specific coin.

At the moment, the channel is focused on building out an initial index of coins that will cover a wide span, but eventually, The Coin Dictionary will become a place where anyone can release coin-related content and give it a wide audience. It is also the first place that newcomers to the Treasure Town network can begin working as a sort of trial for other types of involvement.

Types of Videos

Individual Coin ID Videos
One coin. One-five minutes of information telling you everything you need to know about the coin.

Shorts – From @TreasureTown TikTok
Releasing more interesting, short-form content not tied to a specific coin.

Stay In Touch on Social Media!

The Coin Dictionary is mainly active on YouTube and Instagram, but make sure to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms as they roll out.